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Brett Harrison Jewelry Brokers offers you savings of up to

37% OFF Name Brand Watches


Since there is such a diversity of styles and brands, we do not have an inventory of watches. Our aim is to get you what you want at the lowest price possible.

Watches that sit around in a store sometimes get shop worn, scuffed or have a loss of battery life from sitting around. We get you most watches within 2 to 3 days after order.


We ask you to shop around and try on watches in some of the larger stores and then call us for a price and availability quote. Pease note, we beat most Internet prices, too. Many of the prices you see on the Internet are fictitious to make you think you are getting a bigger discount than you really are. Watch out for watches priced at 40 - 67% off. They are either old models that have been discontinued or prices that have been jacked up.


Brett Harrison Jewelers fully warrantees all watches that we sell for the full Manufacturer’s Warrantee and we will be here to service them for you.

*We do not charge for sizing and fitting of the watch bracelets.

Send us a model number or link and we will try to get you the best price.


Here are some links that can help to get you started:
(simply click on the link)

Breitling  ( ) 22-30% OFF

Rolex ( up to 25% OFF

Movado Watches ( up to 37% OFF

Michelle Watches ( up to 35% OFF

EBEL Watches ( up to 35% OFF

Omega Watches ( up to 37% OFF

Raymond Weil Watches ( 25-35% OFF

Chopard Watches ( 22-32% OFF

Rado Watches (  up to 37% OFF


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