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Marvin Soskil, founder of Brett Harrison Jewelry Brokers, has been employed in all factions of the jewelry business over the past 40 years. In his teenage years, in a family owned establishment, he learned jewelry repair and manufacturing techniques. As he matured in the business, he developed a flair for creative custom designs and a talented eye for custom alteration. At the age of 16 he, had acquired remarkable sales skills. By age 25 he was managing an establishment which employed 11 people and was producing annual sales exceeding $1,000,000.

For over two decades, Marvin successfully continued to make his establishment grow. In 1996, due to circumstances beyond his control, Marvin made a conscious decision to sell his retail store to an importer of Italian jewelry. This person was a wholesaler whose business was selling jewelry to retail establishments. Marvins idea was to gain a more competitive edge for his customers. Together, Marvin and his associate shared in a new joint venture. As both store manager and designer of fine fashion jewelry, Marvin and his business associate, began to market new designer merchandise to department stores. Shortly thereafter, Marvin realized that as the economy was changing, there was a need to become more price conscious in order to accommodate his retail clientele. One way to accomplish this was to lower overhead costs. In October of 1998 Marvin left Little Neck Jewelers and opened at his present convenient location.

Instead of a costly store front, Marvin works from an office which enables him to entertain his clientele in a more comfortable environment while affording him the opportunity to be involved in Networking and Charitable work as well. He now has the ability to visit customers who are too busy to shop. His office is conveniently located on the corner of the Long Island Expressway right at the Nassau and Suffolk Counties border.

Through Networking and Charitable Contributions, Marvin has developed a large sphere of influence in the business environment. He share resources with clients and other business people in an effort to help others to become more successful and enriched in their lives.


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